My Uncontested Divorce Lawyer
Most people start off by telling their attorney that their divorce is uncontested. Many times it is, but some other times it isn't. When you're dealing with a marital relationship that has become "irretrievably broken" simple things sometimes become difficult. That's why we have an uncontested divorce procedure that can be accomplished without your spouses signature. Its better termed a default divorce, rather than an uncontested divorce. Thats the New York way, serve your spouse with papers and when she defaults file the appropriate motion for summary judgment. In fact, default divorce is the only type of uncontested divorce that is recognized in New York state courts, and can be accomplished without the necessity for trial and hearings. Fortunately as experienced matrimonial lawyers if the uncontested divorce turns out to be opposed on some or all issues, we have the experience and expertise in litigation to get the best possible outcome for the client. no recovery no fee
Your Bankruptcy Attorney
Bankruptcy representation in many cases can be quite simple. This is especially true in consumer filed chapter 7 bankruptcy which is the most common type of bankruptcy filed in Binghamton, Elmira and Upstate New York,  and throughout the country. The benefit to the debtor-client can be outstanding. Our goal is to provide the client with bankruptcy court relief without overplaying or overstating the role that we as attorneys play in representing the client in this type of situation. The flip side of the coin is that in other bankruptcy cases the legal issues can become complex, technical and adversarial. While the chances are high that you fall into the first category and can process right through the system, your financial situation could present a case scenario in which we must bring a higher level of technical and legal expertise to bear. In any event we offer a free consultation in which you may gain valuable legal information. We are not just a bankruptcy petition preparation service, we have the skill and expertise to rise to the occasion.

Bankruptcy Will Stop or Eliminate:
  • Home Foreclosure
  • Repossession
  • Garnishment
  • Bill Collectors
  • Harassment
  • Lawsuits

   Home  Foreclosure

Car and Auto Repossession
   Wage Garnishment and Levy
Bill Collectors
   $0.00 Down*
Chapter 7 & 13

*for Chapter 13 cases with a wage order and the balance paid through the trustee as part of the plan and not paid directly to the attorney. Bankruptcy court filing fee is extra.
In matters if unopposed and uncontested divorce as well as bankruptcy, we serve clients across the State of New York. We offer consultations by skype and telephone for people seeking legal services outside of our local community. In many types of matters documents can be signed online and or through US Mail services. There is no reason to pay high prices for legal services if you live in the State of New York. In most cases we can accept your case for little or no money down.


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